Thursday, 30 September 2010

So what's been going on?

I've got a little back log of screens from the last few days that I haven't put up so here we go.

I got another 'Blogger Guy' /tell from the guy in the screen shot below.  It's nice to know that even in full retail fame is still strong!

I took part in a lovely large leve group which earned me quite a lot of exp and Gil

Remember when I found this thing back in the Beta and I thought it might be used for Airships or something?  Well it looks like it's still not being used for anything although to be fair I didn't stick around for longer than around 10 minutes, but it still looks like it's not being used yet.

Here's another blast from the past. back in the Beta I managed to get past the locked gates of Wineport and have a look around.  The place was pretty empty although their looked like there was two shops that were just not open yet.  I went back to Wineport now retail is out and nothing at all has changed apart from the gates are no longer locked.  I was very disappointed!

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  1. I had a glimpse at an Airship flying through the Black Shroud forest... might be something they add up later, like so many other things (like a search feature in Market wards anyone?) :D