Monday, 13 September 2010

I'm on a boat!

Today I travelled back from Limsa Lominsa to Camp Port near U'ldah on the boat.  It's an easy trip to make, quite useful as once you have seen the Crystals in the citys, you can teleport there anytime you wish.

To make the trip yourself you'll need to go to the ferry port and walk up to the gate, bring up the menu and an option will be at the top which you will need to select to pass through.  It doesn't seem to cost any money which is nice.
Once through all you have to do is wait for the boat to show up and it'll put you on board by itself.
Although that can take, perhaps I should of asked an NPC just how long it would be until the boat arived.
But when the boat does show up you get a little cut scene show people getting on the boat.  Looks like it going to be busy.
Turns out that all the people that got on during the cut scene didn't want to go on the deck of the boat.  Make me wish I brought a fishing rod with me though.
Well god knows where these people from that cut scene went, because they sure as hell are no downstairs either.  perhaps they have locked themselves away in some cupboard I don't know about beucase they are still in fear of the FFXI boat attacks.  I have been on two boat rides now and I have not seen an attack yet, maybe I have been lucky.
I arive at Camp Port after a boat ride that seemed to last about 10 minutes although it felt longer.  I really reget not bring a fishing rod now.
Anyway Camp Port is not too far away from U'ldah.  You can walk it in about 15-20 minutes, which is about the same sort of time that it takes to walk south out of Gridania and arive at U'ldah.  So really the three citys are quite close to each other in that resepct.


  1. Sorry can't post an beta videos now, although full retail videos will be ok.