Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fun times in Eorzea

Today I set off from Camp Black Brush to complete from Local leves I had, there was no dust storm today so it was a nice peaceful walk.

After handing in the the Leves I needed to, I felt like a spot of minign was the order of the day.

After a little bit of mining I took on another few Leves and has luck would have it, I found another chest on my journey.

After finding the chest I went on to attempt to kill the mob for the Guild Leve.  It didn't work out so well.

After getting my arse kicked I went on the complete the Guild Leve, but only just!

I went back to camp and I found a Behest just about to start.  I joined up to it, as did many other people so the amount of mobs that we had to kill was quite a few.  being the level I was I found that there was not a lot I could do to help the group.

After finishing the Behest I took the reward money and went back to town and travelled to the market wards andspent my money on the materails needed for creating a Bronze Dagger.  After getting the bits I needed I went to the Blacksmith Guild in Limsa and created my new weapon.  I also got a new option after I had got to 100% to touch up the item.  I selected it a few times although I'm not too sure what it done.

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