Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Azarus Nova's Trip

 Azarus Nova (aka anubismedia from the forum) sent me some pictures and a story of his epic trip. Here is his story in his own words.

So yesterday I teamed up with this random guy and we couldn't find any mobs so we decided to try a zone we saw. This zone led us to another and to another and 3 hours later we where in "Ul'Dah" lol now this was no easy trek and I died so so so many times lol, but it is possible. 
The things I saw was amazing and the graphics really are amazing. I can tell you that all mobs are WAY high they all hit for about 5K so cant fight anything and lots argo. 
The most interesting thing I found was that in the town of Ul'Dah the economy is another world! Lighting shards there are 20gil - 100gil and wind goes from 600 - 1000 gil. 
Also the weavers guild is there so most everyone has leveled cloth craft and sells armor way cheep. You can also to leves there that have nothing to do with the ones in Gridania.
So you can do 4 leves there then warp to Ul'Dah and do 4 more. Im not sure if they will fix this in the final release. For the time being I would keep this under wraps with only trusted members because it is a real good way to make money. Buy lighting low in UlDah and sale high in Gridania vis versa with wind and earth.
I plan to make the trek to both towns first thing when the final release comes out and just do this; Can also buy armor and resale. Oh and your retainer can be called there as well. ^^ again not sure if they will fix this later

EDIT - anubismedia sent me a follow up email.

Either they changed this or I was just wrong about the leves. I did 3 leves in one town then traveled to another and did 3 there. I then took a ferry across to the 3rd town and tried to do those. They popped up but when i tried to except it said i had none to exchange. I went back to the 1st city the next day and tried and the same thing happened. They pop up but I can't except. So my guess is the last ones I did in the 2nd city have to reset. This still works out good though because you can pick out the 1 good one with armor and gill from each city as long as they do not exceed 4 in 48 hours I guess. Anyways just thought id tell you before I get a bad rep as a liar lol. It did let me do 6 in a row though. But it could be a glitch like the NPC saying in all three cities 'here is a hundred gill' like in closed beta but they really give you a thousand. Or when you Finnish the main quest and it says you get 10k only to find you have 20k but eh i need to go back to work. Lol


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