Saturday, 11 September 2010

Draiko's journey from Gridania to Ul'dah (Part 2)

So! continuing from where we last left off. I had just made it into Mor Dhona. The map was the first thing I just had to check right now.

My best bet was to make my way west to Camp Revenant's Toll and work my way down from there.

As I started to step out into the unknown my map was picking up a mob, I thought "Oh great, it's going to be some huge beast blocking my path". I turned the corner and low and behold!

A Toadstool, yep that's right! Well atleast it put me at ease, and I simply snuck passed it in peace.

The deeper I stepped into this land the more beautiful it became. I came across this very mysterious tower and wondered what could be inside it!

My first encounter with an Headrip Ogre, just taken one look at this guy I knew I had to stay well clear. But temptation got the best of me and I had to get a closer look of one.

Ok, so I think we all knew this guy was going to hit hard right? but maybe I took it a little too far when I drew my sword on him!

One word, ouch!. Well I'm not afraid to say I did not regret this action. I got what I wanted, A better look at this cool guy, and an ass whooping!

He claims he's kill, and oh look! he had back up encase he could'nt take me on! ha!

Moving on swiftly, I had finally made it down to the bottom. I had now reached the south part of the lake. I was even closer to this mysterious tower. One day, I will find a way into that place, oh yes!

Another check on my map was needed, I could see the exit to Thanalan. But I needed to save my progress at another checkpoint. Who knew how far the next one would be in Thanalan!? So I took a lot of risk and decided to take a detour.

With a lot of dipping, ducking and diving I made it to Camp Brittlebark. Now I just had to work my way back. I drew up another route and decided it looked promising.

No encounters with mobs down the norrow route and I was almost home free!

North Thanalan, This was the hardest part to get passed. I had already died 4 times trying to creep through. In the end I called for back up. Luckly a friend from the LS had already been here. He was able to teleport me to a camp nearest to the City of Ul'dah.

In the end, I was told that there was another route I could of taken....., I will spare myself the epic embarrassment and just say that I enjoyed the journey I had. I saw some really nice scenary and mobs.

I will now leave you with the rest of my pictures of the amazing lands of Thanalan. Enjoy!

In the end, I finally got to Ul'dah and I took in the great site of the city.
This calls for a rest underneath the stars with my fellow Twelves!

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