Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Windhurst all over again.

I havent updated in a few days so I thought I'd put something up today.  First of all a screenshot from the new menu in the open beta showing the friends list and helpdesk options.

I done a few Guild Leves today to start leveling Jeffery.  The early ones seem to focus around killing fungus monsters for different reasons.  The forest music started to sound kind of freaky after a while so I headed back into Gridania.  While I was there I couldn't shake the feeling that this was Windhurst all over again, not a bad thing I suppose though, but the lack of a blacksmith guild is frustrating.

I saw Ark while in the town and I asked is he had seen Kylep online at all,or I had just missed him when I have been on.  Maybe because of the time difference, but either way I created a Twelve LS myself becuase it seems that no one but kyle could invite people which is not much use when he is not around!

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