Thursday, 2 September 2010

Open Beta and busy weekend.

I've had real troubles getting an open account (the server keeps crashing, see the picture below), so everyone follow Kylep to the Besaid server and the forum poll pointed that most people would liek to start next in Gridania, so I'll see you there!

The next thing is I might not be online at all this weekend (I will try!), but that's because it's my 30th Birthday on Friday and I probably won't even be able to see for a few days!

Also the last thing is that the editor of CVG has asked me to write a 500 word article about FFXIV!  if they publish it I'll put a link here so you all can go and see it.  I have not wrote it yet, I'll do some tonight and the rest Sunday when I am not as drunk from my birthday!

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