Saturday, 4 September 2010

I'm back baby!

That's right!  Jeffery McWild is back in FFXIV, and here is how I started.

I start at the character selection screen.  It appears that now different races and clans have different stats right off the bat.

You can see the different clan stats just by looking at this and the last screen shot.  Same race, different clan, different stats.

Now we can start in any of the three main cites,  I choose Gridania on Besaid server.

Jeffery McWild is born!  The opening cut scene is pretty cool, so lets see it.

Looks like some flying ship is in trouble, I had better go and check that out.

I find two NPC's on the floor, they seem to be hurt.  I speak to the Lalafella twice and the game keeps rolling.

The Lalafella has a really strange voice for such a tiny guy.

Oh crap!  A crazy tree monster is pissed off with me, run Jeffery, RUN!

The crazy tree monster knocks everyone up into the air, this looks bad for everyone involved.

Suddenly Moogles everywhere!  It looks like we could be okay after all.

Turns out the Moogles are working with these guys.  They are some sot of forest protection gang, looks like I lucked out.  These guys say they are going to take me to Gridania, which is nice.

Looks like the people in Gridania can't spell.  Thats not how you spell "Should".

Anyway, I turn up at the adventures guild and it looks rather nice here.  Although one look at the map and I think I'd rather be back in Limsa.

Well it does look a lot nicer than Limsa, but I don't have any more time to play really.  It's Saturday, I'm going out the drink bye bye!


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