Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ugh, what a weekend!

I didn't update the blog at all over the weekend because I went out with my friends Friday night and I wasn't sober until Monday night!  Anyway that leaves me with a bigger update today though!

I found a mine far north of Uldah called the Nanawa Mine which looks like a nice place to grind once I get up to about Rank 30, you can use the screen below to see the location of the mine.

Here is what the outside of the mine look like, really I should of taken one inside but I was too concerned with running towards the Aetherial Gate I spotted on the map of the mine.  I made it to the gate but was dead seconds after.

I had a go at eating some of the raw meat I had picked up from mobs I had killed.  Roegadyn are really the only race that can do this, just like Galka in Final Fantasy XI.  Anyway I had a go at eating Marmot Meat +1 to see what effect it would have.

The effect was a HP increase.  I went from 995, (in the above picture) to 1028 as seen in the below picture.

Just so I could document the full effects of this food, you can even see how long it lasted by looking at the times on the desktop clock.  It was 14:54 when I ate the meat, and 14:59 when the effect wore off.  So to all those unable to work that out, the effect was 5 minutes long.

I even did the same test with some Dodo Tenderloin +1 to see what effect that would have on me.

The same sort of thing really.  Again I started at 995 HP and after eating the food I had 1028 HP


  1. Actually every race as far as I know, can eat raw meat.

    I'm a lalafell and I can eat raw meat.

  2. Yeah, but it says you find it disagreeable