Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's that feeling again

So I started playing today not long after I got back from work.  I decided that I would put good use to the new Armoursmith and Blacksmith tools that I got last night and get some Local Leves done.  While doing the Blacksmith missions I started thinking about the game as it painfully took its time to change from one synth menu to the next.  I was thinking that I was not actually even having fun doing what I was doing and that I was just playing the game just becuase I felt I should, and thats not really a good feeling to have playing playing a game that should be fun.  So I turned it off, made some food, then watched some internet TV until I felt like giving it a another stab.
And a few hours later I gave FFXIV another shot.

I picked up some more Local Leves becuase they are a good way to skill up fast.

I completed and handed in four Local Leve's before I'd had enough of the s-l-o-w menu interface for today and quit again in frustration.

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  1. i hear ya man. i'm gonna hang in there though, i heard a rumor that november they will be major patching, although i also heard the UI lag is unfixable because it's from the ground up. here's hoping...