Monday, 2 August 2010

Ah! Now I get it!

Now I've had a good amount of time on the beta there are somethings that I thought should of been straight forward but I found a little bit puzzling.  If you are a tester then this post might be of some interest to you.

It says I have new moves but they are not on the hot bar!

When you learn new class moves they are not automaticly added to the hot bar, you must add them yourself.  Go to ablities and traights and then select a empty slot on the hot bar menu on the left.  Then you can select from the drop down box new moves that have been learnt.
Remember you'll need to do this everytime you change class.

Mining seems random!

It does seem a little strange at first, but look at it like a game of hot or cold where you are using the reactions to see if you are getting warmer.
When I start to mine I start in the dead centre of the circle and work outwards, and if you get the message saying you can feel something but can't quite get to it, then hit it in the same place again and you'll get it to work.

Where is the main story quests?

I forgot about what the story was almost right away and went off to do guild leves!  If you go to the Journel then look at 'Class Quests' then you can pick up the story quests again.


  1. It's so annoying to have to put in the new skills into the hotbar everytime one changes class...