Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Beta set to go Online 24/7

Via the Final Fantasy twitter accounts, it has been confirmed that after Wednesdays successful beta window they will be making the beta online 24/7. They are announcing this as the start of beta phase 2, so knew features and changes could be expected. After finally resolving server load issues and allowing people to enjoy the beta this is a welcome announcement.

Nothing has been said in regards to handing out more keys to coincide with this move to 24/7 accessibility.


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  1. This now marks 100 posts on the blog!

    Also Can't wait until tomorrow, this is what Square-Enix said:
    "As of 2:00 (GMT) on Thursday, July 29, beta test servers will be online 24 hours a day. This signifies the shift to Phase 2.
    Beta testers from any region will be able to log in at any time. Announcements for maintenance etc. will be posted in advance."