Monday, 5 July 2010

Hush! Keep it under your hat!

Want the FFXIV Beta?  Sure you do, download it from here:

Then click on the button that says 'Fite Me' I tried in Internet Explorer but it didn't work, but it did work in Firefox, not sure why but it did.

Once downloaded and unziped you can install, then update.

And you will be downloading for a while so I'd go and make a cup of tea (or 10) while its doing its thing.


  1. I just downloaded this beta, took me all through the night! lol. but now i cant log in because of this:

    You could not log in because the service account in question is not registered.
    If you would like to log in to the service, please log in to the Square Enix Account Management System and register the service account.(Auth 18)

    I tried registering the service account, but theres nothing there to do that. Is there anyway around this?

  2. You need to have Beta access on your Square-Enix account (or at least use an account that has that access!)

  3. Yer I thought so :( damn, thanks anyway for the reply.

    Just hope I get accepted into the beta testing now from SE.