Monday, 12 July 2010

Post βeta video look Part 1

So after the huge βeta video blowout yesterday what have we got from it?  Lets look a bit more in depth.

First of all we have the main menu:

So you can see the list there and all the normal sort of options are all there.  Our first look at the option called 'Configuration'.  This brings up the graphics options.

Clearly switching options on or off is going to affect the performance of the game.  What effect does the 'Physics' option have on the game I wonder?  Clicking on the 'Extended drawing' changes the draw distance of the landscape.  You can see that effect in this picture, notice the detail on the hills far in the distance.

The next option is the shadow option.  Bit of a no brainier really, but lets have a look anyway.

That's really all we got to see of the graphics options, we did see a fair bit of the battle system though so we can look a little more into that.

This is the stamina bar, the top graphic shows the bar filling up to the needed amount required for the highlighted move in the action bar (not pictured).  The second graphic shows the bar continuing to fill even after the required amount has already been acquired.  The third bar shows the bar once a move has been selected and is about to be performed.

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