Monday, 12 July 2010

More Beta Testers Added

Square Enix just announced via their Twitter that they added “thousands of new applicants” to the Beta. Access to the Tester site for these new applicants isn't available til Tuesday the 13th (2moro). Along with this news the Tester Timetable has also been adjusted. Beta play windows are now 20 hours instead of alphas 4 hour test window.

Also there has been a few videos added to Square Enix's youtube account but they are set to private and can't be viewed.

So everyone go check your e-mails, cause I just did and have been given Beta access.



  1. GOD DAMIT! Still no beta invite waaah

  2. I'm so jealous :( still no email from square

    Btw, i wasn't sure which twitter account you were talking about so here's the link that i found for other readers that might have been confused on that:

  3. Jealously rages through my veins. However I have my wife, brother, sister-in-law and a friend of the wife all in for me so hopefully I see one soon >.<