Thursday, 8 July 2010

Evolution of this blog

You may have noticed a couple of changes on here today.  The main one is the new title picture at the top of the blog, the others are the jiggling around of the links in the links area and shifting the side bar elements around.

The reason for this change is that this blog going to start changing direction.  I started this blog to track my journey through Final Fantasy XIV back in March, hoping that I would get a tester account.  Of course that didn't happen so I thought I might as well keep the blog a little active until then and post a bit of news from time to time.
What happened next was a bit of a suprise.  The tester Pooky Poo went mad and broadcasted what he was doing on the internet.  While many watched his live stream, I recorded it, knowing it would not be around long.
It was not, and soon I found myself in the position of being one of the only people in possesion of his broadcasted material so i done what anyone in my position would do, cut it into chunks and put it on youtube!
This was the start of this blog gaining a following, and this site changed from being a blog to chart my progress through FFXIV, into a site that posted leaked FFXIV footage.
When another person let me loose on their recorded Alpha stash I find myself bombarded with new videos and the site hit counter really started to roll.

Now as the footage is drying up and we are getting close to the release of the game, once again this blog will change again and this time it'll be on the good side of Square-Enix!

Myself and many of the regluars on the forum are going to create a Linkshell called 'Twelve' (or something to that effect), and this blog will be aimed at that.  It we be about OUR journey through Final Fantasy XIV, and I will grant publishing access to a few of you as well as forum admin status.

This blog is not going to be about me, it will be about us and our adventure.  I hope you enjoy the ride!


  1. Square Enix doesn't take kindly to people posting information which broke their NDA...It wouldn't be a smart idea to turn your "leak" blog into your own personal ffxiv journey through the game. You may land yourself banned before you even get started if they catch on to your account id, etc.

    Just a friendly heads up from someone who's seen it happen too many times.

  2. I never signed a FFXIV tester NDA agreement, so I never broke it.
    But I know what you are saying, but its ok. I lost my youtube account, but kept the blogger one thanks to an 'agreement' I don't really want to say anymore than that. Just read between the lines I'm sure you'll work it out.

  3. Leak beta videos too ;(

  4. Its been fun to see this site grow, can only see fun times ahead once we can actually play the game :)

  5. Did the videos still up? I never saw a video aside from the official trailer. Can I ask you guys on how to have the beta access I heard that it will start on July 17, is it true? But I guess if been given a chance to play alpha / beta I get bored easily coz I can’t buy wow gold to get instant gold to buy gears and boost my level. I guess I need to wait on the official launch.