Friday, 13 August 2010

It's fine, Square-Enix said its ok!

SE has lifted the NDA on screen shots from the FFXIV beta so I can now bring you the sort of updates on FFXIV that I actually planned to to when I opened this blog back in March!

There I am, Jeffery McWild.  Grrrrrr!

Me and Heicko gain the help of a passer by as we plan to start some guild leves

Here you can see my level and some other fun stuff about the rank I was when I took this screen shot!

Thats the equipment screen, I only just got the boots and they seem pretty good.  I could do with a new robe though.

Me, Heicko and passer by get invited to join a bigger group for fun and frollics.  Well just Guild Leve's actually.  Also you can see in this screen the mask Heicko brought from a guy we saw seeing stuff he had made at the camp we were at.  I wanted the shield he was selling but it was 30,000 Gill (which is well over priced!) and I didn't have enough money :(

Almost the same screen again, but this time showing that we are on vent!

I'm selecting one of my Guild Leve's for the group to do.  I selected 4 star difficulty which turned out to be just right as we were getting our arse's kicked on 5 star.

Running to the Guild Leve target.  It's the orange area in the mini map.  Once we get there then the targets appear as red dots so we know where to go.

Woohoo!  We done it!  Well done us!

And thats what i got for completing the group Guild leve, I had that item already :(

I selected another Guild Leve, this time it says I'll get a better robe out of it so I'm looking foward to completing this Leve.

This is what happened when I though that selecting 5 stars would be a good idea.  I died.

And after you die you are weakened for a little while (about 5 minutes).  It's no where near as bad as FFXI when you used to lose exp points.

I got the robe!  This is us on the next Guild Leve after we completed the 5 star one.  The new robe looks much better.

You can see it much better there.  I am really proud of that robe, even thoug I'll probably sell it in about 5 days when I get an even better version made out of Dodo skin or something.

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