Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The most awful idea in MMO history

Market wards.  WTF is the point?  I'm so angry that Square-Enix are not going to put in an Auction house at launch it's unreal.

Those with beta test accounts can see my rant on the test site here:

But for those that do not have access this is what I wrote:

"The whole idea of Market wards of flawed, and it should be scrapped.

I decide I want a new pair of gloves so I go to the market wards to see whats on offer.

After a while I find a pair on sale for 6,000 Gil. I want to compair the prices to see if I'm being ripped off or not, so I search longer. As no one can really see what other people are selling the same items for prices are different from seller to seller so to get a good price you have to spend AGES looking. By that time someone else already has brought the ones I saw 10 minutes ago because I've had to spend so long checking the price.

How do you fix that?
Easy, you make a search function that searches all the wards and compairs the price. That way I can see the best deal right away.

Ah but the sellers can't see it as they are giving the stuff to their retainers to the prices still vary wildly.

How do you fix that?
You make it so when you are giving the stuff to the retainer you can see what other people are selling it for.

You know what you have then? A f**king auction house! So stop messing around and get one in before the games economy goes into melt-down."

The Only good thing that happened while I was in a Market Ward today was another 'blogger guy' incident. You can see it pictured below, but I had to use my digital camera as I was playing while in full screen mode.

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  1. Yeah that was me. I primarily wanted to play as a crafter but lack of an auction house is going to stop me from doing that.