Thursday, 19 August 2010

Moving Northward

A few screen shots for you, almost all of them from last nights session in which we ventured further north whilst grinding.

After doing a few leves the two of us were offered to join these two on a goat grind. First time for me doing a heavy grind in this game and even though we had no healer it was decent exp with minimum downtime and good kill speed.

We moved northward and since we were right by Wineport we went in using that glitch to get past the gate to take another look inside Wineport. From closer inspection it seems to be a wine distillery and a pub. The main building has a sign which I'm assuming represents pub, don't think I have seen a building with this sign in Limsa. Other npc's hinted that the armorer craft was also big in Wineport. One NPC spoke of kobolds and there exceptional armorer crafting skills, and that if somehow you could get one to tell you some of there secrets you could craft special things. You can see from the chat in this screen that one of our party bugged out upon talking to this npc.

Upon leaving Wineport, three of us remained and we decided to venture much further north, killing goats, jellyfish and a few bandits on the way. After moving a good deal northward we suddenly hit a wall of very strong monsters. Clipper crabs (Grown 3 to 5 times the size since the dunes), Goobbue's, Salamanders and Storm Blast's. Unsure which ones aggro'd we decided to test. As you can see Only777 didn't have much success with the Storm blast.

We then spotted a nearby cave and decided to go in. After making our way into the cave we were halted by a bridge with a few more new monsters infront of us. The familiar Qiqirin stood with what was called a Smolenk, winged one eye creatures which had a bit of a resemblance to the Ahriman's in FFXI though not as tubby. Curiosity got the better of us and we decided to try run in as far as we could. The eye's aggro'd immediately and hit really hard. I got hit first and the other two were eventually chased down.

After taking enough deaths for one night we had one last look around before logging. Just as it moved into morning I snapped a view from the cliff looking out into the ocean. The mainland far away over the horizon.


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  2. I love the text in the chat box for the second to last screenshot as it kinda sounds like the lines grom a bad horror film. "it's chasing you", "SHIT!", "Jeff, RUN!"