Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Reporting LIVE from Aleport

Today I used the same trick I used yesterday but this time to get into Aleport.  This is what I found.

This is where Aleport is on the map, sort of on the west side really.

Once again the people on the gate had no intrest in letting me and and have a look around the place.

Not a problem!  Just used the log glitch to pass through and I'm in!

Looks like a food guild building.

What looked like dead crab remains had sparkles comes off them.

I trid to fish on this pier but the fishing icon didn't appear.  Although it did let me fish on the beach, and it was classed as a grade 2 fishing zone.

According to this Lalafell the sparkly crab remains are treasure.  Nothing happened for me when I took a second look at them, but if I could dig in that spot I guess it might be a different story.

Here is me trying out a spot of fishing.

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  1. there 2 spearfish spots near water at sparkly crab lol