Saturday, 21 August 2010

Linkshell list & Market Wards.

So far the following members are in the Linkshell, I'm not going to bother typing them all out when I can just take an easy screenshot of it!

Also I actually found where the Market Wards are!  It's basically rooms filled up with players retainers selling all their junk items.  Here is how to find them if you don't know already.

First of all you'll need to go to this point in Limsa.

Then in the side menu you'll see that there is now a option to teleport.  Select it and you'll be greated with this menu to ask you which Market Ward you would like to visit.  I recomend selecting from high up in the list as those are the wards that have the most retainers in.

And here we are, a Market Ward.  You can probably get any sort of crap item here.  Still not as good as an auction house but still better than millions of people crowding outside Jeuno and causing ultra lag.

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  1. Great love the updates. Could you tell me where the npc is to set up a linkshell?