Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Todays adventure fun.

Today I had did quite a lot on FFXIV, heres what I got up to.

Look how tough these guys are suppost to be, they are orange and I thought I'd be dead for sure.

But I kicked their arses into next week, GO MCWILD!

Then I had a Guild Leve to go and kill some Opo-Opo's.  I remember them from FFXI, and like the Rebels in the higher pictures they got the smack down too.

Also while I was walking around I spotted an Airship in the sky so I waited around to get a better look as it appeared to be flying towards me.

Thats about as good a picture as I could get of the Airship.  It is quite high in the air I suppose, after all it is an Airship.

I spotted on the map that I was not very far away from a place called "Wineport".  I'd never heard of it before and it has got Limsa's logo on the map so I thought it might be worth a look and I started walking to where it was on the map.

As I started to get closer to it, I saw what looked like a castle in the distance.  It matched the area on the map marked as Wineport.  I started to dream of an NPC that could sell em the much needed Fire Crystals I needed for Blacksmithing that seem to be in very short supply right now.

I arrived at the entrance of Wineport only to be confronted by two very unhelpful Roegadyn who would not let me past the gate.  One Roegadyn seemed intent on telling me a story that Wineport used to be next to the sea but over the ages the amount of sea around it had gone back up into the sky so now Wineport is just on a cliff.  The other Roegadyn didn't seem to think that story was true and used Limsa as an example on how the water depth in the region has always stayed the same.
Although myself I'm not sure.  I mean if you walk around Limsa, everything is quite high up and everything is in tall towers, so maybe the first Roegadyn's story is true.

After a while I went back to Limsa and tried fishing again.  My first attempt the other was was an utter non-event as I didn't catch a thing and got annoyed and sold the fishing rod to an NPC.  This time I spent a lot longer trying, and after a very long time of not catching a thing and swearing that the fishing system was broken I think I started getting the hang of it and after a while I actually did catch a fish.  It was a Tiger Cod +3, which I thought was quite good for my first ever fish.


  1. If you log out and log back in while in front of those gates and hold forward while the game is loading you can access the area ;) Just a few NPC's and some moles inside though.