Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tonight screens, tomorrow another video!

Ok, I don't really have much time tonight to get another video done so I'll do one tomorrow.  But to keep you going until then.  Here is a few more choice screens.


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  2. great job you are doing there, since we like your stuff, maybe you want to share it more anonymous, to keep your account. we could help you^^^ regards.

  3. Darn it, I wish I could play in the Alpha! I'm pratically crying in frustration at the injustice of it all... I wish I was in. Don't tell me I had to actually have a fansite to be eligible. Darn Beta signup... My Tarutaru must relive as Pyrix the Lalafell! T_T

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  5. My other comment simply asked "Banned?", now that I've done a little research though, yes, Pookie Poo was banned (of course). I know the owner of this blog isn't Pookie Poo, I'm assuming they are just putting info up that they got from streams.

    Originally Posted by Pookypoo:
    Hello everyone,

    I started streaming fully aware of the consequences, and sure enough, 30 minutes before the Alpha session ended tonight, SE has terminated my alpha account.

    I hope my sacrifice wasn't wasted, and I hope a lot of your questions were answered from watching me play, despite all the disconnects and crashes. As you all should expect, it's an Alpha, crashes and imperfections are expected.

    I have nothing against SE, and I have nothing against any Alpha testers that were having their own little flame war over me in the Alpha forums. I've managed to send in quite a few bug reports, and I am glad SE gave me the chance to at least play through most of today's Alpha test and play my part in the success of FFXIV. I would have loved to continue testing the game for SE, but of course that won't happen ;D. if you Alpha people are relishing in my demise, I really don't understand why. The only satisfaction you get is...i dunno, an ego boost maybe? I really don't know. Certainly not satisfaction from me being sad from getting banned, because like I said I was expecting it, therefore, no sad faces here~

    Don't worry, Alpha testers, your ego will still be intact now that I'm gone, unless another person comes along and does the same thing. Oh wait, you're already doing it by releasing all those screenshots and information, possibly even selling the info to game magazines and websites! At least I was open and honest about it and not hiding like the rest of you~ (^_^)b <-- SE's mail

    Meanwhile, I'll continue playing FFXI, and maybe I'll see you all around in game in the future whether it be FFXI or FFXIV or FFXXV. ^^


    P.S. Seeing that clearly SE doesn't want me to stream, if I somehow get into beta (wink wink) I won't be streaming, just so I can at least enjoy the lagless experience and do more testing than the 3.5hours I received today.

  6. Yes, I have the footage Pooky posted online and saved it all before SE took it down!