Monday, 19 April 2010

More screens tonight! Also a message...

I'm at work at the moment but I plan to upload some more screens tonight. Stay tuned!

Also I contacted Pooky Poo about the FFXIV vidoes that I have used. As some of you may be confused about this issue I would just like to let you all know that I am not Pooky Poo.
Who I am is someone who saved a few hours of Pookys videos to my HDD becuase I knew they would be taken down not long after they went up.

Pooky seems ok with me uploading videos/screens but the post I made saying that I am not actually Pooky myself seems to of been missed.

So not much has changed, I'll still be putting more stuff online as there is quite a lot of footage I saved, but Pooky didn't make copies of what was online. So it seems I have the only copies and the only place to seem them is here!


  1. Do you have a screen of your stats before and after a class change? What happens to attribute points you assigned when going from a mage to melee? I'm worried about using points on str or dex and then changing to a mage and being useless. Thanks.

  2. You should probably say "Pooky Poo's journey through Eorzia"...saying that you aren't Pooky Poo just to save yourself from breaking the NDA won't really do you justice. I can rob a bank and say I didn't do it all day long..doesn't really mean I didn't do it. :)

    Anyways, thanks for the footage/screens!

  3. @ Sindikit - I can't break The NDA, because its an agreement made between the tester and Square-enix. I made no such agreement with Square-Enix. Pooky did, and now Pooky is banned.

    Also as far as the "Pooky Poo's journey through Eorzia" goes, I'll admit that everything lately has been about Pookys stuff and at the moment it is all about Pooky Poo. But I did set this blog up to chart my journey through FFXIV once I start playing.
    However once I got Pookys footage I couldn't help but start uploading screens and videos for all to see. So few people actually got to see Pookys videos when they were live, it's good to keep sharing.

  4. can you just upload the full video so we dont have to wait for your posts??.... :\ put it on torrent or something?