Sunday, 11 April 2010

Alpha Leak Photo Blowout! Part 2 - La Noscea

La Noscea is the city we will be taking a look at in this next section, becuase everyone likes a good city in a MMORPG!
Ok to get an idea of the layout, its probably a good idea if I start this section with a map of the area. If you look to the left of the shot, you'll see the play position arrow.

Ok, now back to the game view and you can see a couple of other players in the shot. You'll notice that players have first and second names now. In the case of Roegadyn we see that he has "decker" in his name. This could be a reference to his craft, I'm not really sure on that yet.

Going east just a little and this brings us into the ferry office. The Roegadyn says it is shut at the moment though, this could be down to the game still being in Alpha stages, or it might be something that unlocks the higher level you become.

So back out of the ferry office and Pooky Poo is now speaking to an NPC called Hob, talking to this guy will start a cut scene (thats why there are other players around him too)

In this cut scene the camera pans around a bar/pub area then shows an NPC walking up to Pooky Poo and then having a conversation.

There is a bit more talking, then a Miqo'te dressed in white shows up, she says something then you take control again. But check the screenshot out. It says that the player has entered an instance.

Right I'm gonna call it a night now, check back Monday night for more screens and maybe a video!

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