Monday, 19 April 2010

Fields of glory

In todays screen shot update we are going to take a look at an outside area of FFXIV, so lets dive straight in and get started.

1) Here we see Pooky and a couple of friends have decided to band together and traverse the green landscape around them.  Watch out for them rats guys!

2) Oh no!  Pooky has run into a rat!  It's ok though, a weak beast like this shouldn't cause Pooky and his group any threat.

3) Looks like the group has run into a hat now.  Oh no its just another rat, Pookys weapon is in the way!

4) Pookys group have found a mining point which is shown by this star on the rock.  If only Pooky had an excavating tool then he could dig up some ore at this point.  Oh well, might as well just move on guys.

5) We'll end this update with this nice shot of La Noscea in the distance.  Doesn't it all look lovely?

In upcoming updates we'll be looking more at battles and showing how the level stats work in the Alpha version.  See you all soon!

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    Oh wait, it's a rat.