Monday, 12 April 2010

Alpha Leak Video Blowout! - Part 3 - From Spawn to death

Ok this video is probably the best one so far.  From spawning in a city Pooky Poo travels through the city and goes into the fields where young Pooky starts fighting wildlife. Check it out!

This video has now been taken offline by Square-Enix, but you can still see it here:


  1. These videos are absolutely wonderful!
    I've been refreshing this page since yesterday, hahaha, will you be adding anymore?

  2. Really well done and thanks for posting videos. I wanted to be in for this alpha test, that's too bad, i didn't. Atleast we can see how it's going on in there! Is there any risk for you to get banned from the alpha test posting this? I would be sad for you :(

    That's why i'm saying thanks to you, for taking your time and posting news/details and so on.

    Keep up the good work!