Saturday, 17 April 2010

He's out of the town! Go Pooky, go!

Some some people wanted to see some footage based outside of the city, so here is a longer video of Pooky catching some of the sights and even a few fights!

As always, view when you can becuase I don't know when Squre-Enix are going to issue a ban!


  1. Hey Pooky! I really am thankful for the videos you're posting. All of the final fantasy community is thankful.
    With that said, what are you using to record the videos? Have you tried using fraps? Fraps will increase the quality of the video which i think might be needed.
    Once again, thanks!

  2. Do you know if you could perhaps show a video showing a range of character creation for all races?

    I'd kill to know how varied you can look.

  3. FYI Pooky has been shut down. They banned his FFXIV account.

    It's all posted on his actual website: