Sunday, 11 April 2010

Alpha Leak Photo Blowout! Part 1 - The Boat

Ok the first section I'd like to show is inside of a boat. That might seem a strange place to start this photo blowout to some but I think its a good reference point for FFXI players. If you still don't like the boat idea, heres the title screen!

So Pooky Poo is on the boat and we can see other NPC characters (with their names in green) standing around. Anyway, lets go and have a walk around.

Here Pooky Poo is talking to an NPC Character and the conversation appears like before in the text box. You can move the box anywhere around the screen you like by dragging it.

As you can see, the passenger area of the boat is much larger than in FFXI. Also you'll notice that the text box has been moved higher on the screen. Again, you can just drag the text box anywhere you like.

Time to use some emotes! Here we see the Taruta......sorry! Here we see the Lalafella using the cheer emote!

I'm sure this will be changed before the final version. But look in the emote list box. "Meh" is an emote! Great Stuff!

Ok there will be many more screen shots AND videos over the next few days on this blog, so visit back often please!

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