Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Yargh! Pirates!

Everyone dreams of one day being a pirate, and it looks like FFXIV is going to go a long way in helping make those dreams become a virtual reality.  Check out the latest video below which is done in the now standard 1080p.
Also it's nice to see people using the forum I created, I hope you all like it and enjoy speaking to each other.
I am going to use a part of the forum to keep all the videos and screens I have posted all in one place.

Also thanks to Kyle for the generous donation and also thanks to everyone who has been supporting this site through the adverts.  Thanks everyone!


  1. Nice video again :)

    Don't know if you've noticed, but all your earlier videos have been removed from youtube.

    Quite a shame as I hadn't seen the ones since May 3rd XD

  2. Donating was my pleasure! You're providing a great service to devoted FF fans, with regular updates to boot. I'd encourage everyone to use that donate button near the site counter ;) buy the man a beer!

    Cheers to the great site :)