Monday, 3 May 2010

Double Whammy of FFXIV Leak videos

OK, because I was playing Super Street Fighter 4 on the PS3 since Thursday and didn't post anything, here is a double post of FFXIV videos for you all!

In video number one we have the character creation process.  In the video it focuses on the Lalafella creation and as you can read from the 1080p video I have put here, you can see the different clans that you are able to create in the Alpha version as well as the different skin types, voices, etc.

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In the second video I have posted you can get a look into how synthesis works in FFXIV.  From the video you can tell that things can be synthesized at different speeds.  I would guess that the better you are at a particular craft the higher success rate you have at fast synthesis.

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  1. Thanks for the video on crafting^^

  2. In the video showing the opening cutscene... I remember watching that opening cutscene the day it was leaked, and seeing the Walmart Turban on the Miqo'te. I let out quite the "NOOOOOOOOOO!" I really hope they don't screw up the looks of 14 the way they did 11. Walmart turbans are so ugly... Hopefully they won't stick with the turban/zucchetto/ali-baba themed gear. Then again, the FF series hasn't had "proper" looking garb since FF9. And that was probably because you didn't really notice in 9.

  3. Two great videos, I've also been spamming super street fighter these last few days, need to give it a rest >,<

    One thing that I'm really curious about is party and group mechanics in the alpha. We've seen the guild leves and a player going out solo to complete the tasks, but is there an option for a more FF11 approach? If not, when you choose guild leves and select a bigger groups, does it make the monsters harder or just increase the number you need to defeat.

    Much appreciated, take care.

  4. Awesome vids, is there any way that you could post a vid about a Disciple of Magic class? I can't seem to find any vids of them.

  5. The black area around your videos seem to be getting bigger. I still enjoy them, keep it up.

  6. What is the new craft called, I count 8 craft, I see it but its too hard to read for me.

  7. Thanks for posting the videos. I'm worried that ff14 might turn out to be too Zerg-heavy and I'm curious what you'd think of that. Also I'm from FFxivcore's Wiki if you want to link us too^^ (Duck)

  8. Awesome vids, you may post a video in a sort of disciple of Magic? I can not find any videos of them.

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