Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Sounds of FFXIV

Here is the video featuring three full length songs from the Final Fantasy XIV OST (Original Sound Track).  The first in the video is the title music which any Final Fantasy fan will recognise, but I have put a slide show of the game being installed so it's not just a still screen.

The second song is the song I would have had as the character creation music if I was making FFXIV and the slide show that goes with that is the character creation.  The reason I would have had it as the music for that part is because I feel its sounds like that start of an epic journey and really gets you in the mood to start playing.

The third and final song on the video is the theme for La Noscea and you'll see a slide show of pictures of La Noscea at the same time.

I hope you all enjoy it and I'll try to create another one soon. Also seeing as today is election day here in the UK I thought I would go for a topical name for the video.  I'm not saying wherever or not I voted for that party, but I have a feeling they will win it tonight.


  1. The music is such a distinguishing feature of the Final Fantasy series. The zone music in FFXI was astounding. A few of my favourites have to be the Ronfaure music, Rolanberry fields and the Sanctuary of Zi'tah. Though of course my nation music, San d'Oria.

    What where your and everyone elses favourites?

  2. My fav was always the music of San d'Oria, and maybe Bastok because I was a Galka and spent so long there.

  3. I used to fall asleep to the music in RuLude Gardens... such good memories. But i also love Zi'tah as well