Sunday, 16 May 2010

Final Fantasy XI - Looking back

Back in 2006/2007 I used to do a blog to track my journey through FFXI, but I deleted it a few months after I stopped playing.
I was thinking about it over the weekend and I thought it was a shame that it was gone because I would of liked to look back at it now.  Then I found a few old posts on some FFXI forums and I found pictures that were publish on my FFXI blog so I guess that somewhere they were still online.
I have found them and also have found a few of my claims to FFXI fame!

Claim to fame 1: The lowest level player to solo Orna the NM.

Claim to fame 2: The player who wrote the tactics for the Chocobo Hot and Cold game.

I posted a screen on my blog showing the moment I wrote the tactics on the FFXI Wiki on how to win at the Chocobo hot and cold game.  They are still there today ( ).

OK, now some screens of my journey through Vana'diel.

1) There's me, Onlytripleseven, in my Mog house with my New Year quest prize

2)  This is a picture of my Link Shell at Christmas 2006.  I'm not in the group becuase I took the picture.

3)  Victory at a BCNM 40!

4)  My adventure partner Dayo and my prized blue Chocobo.

5) Last but not least, you have to have a sense of humour in FFXI!

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