Saturday, 8 May 2010

An insight into Alpha testing - READ POST BEFORE LOOKING AT THE PICTURES

OK, today's post is a little bit different.  Like Thursdays music video, today I'm looking to do something new on this blog.
The following are screens from the FFXIV Alpha testing forum, where the testers post comments on what they thought about the game.

IMPORTANT: You will read through these posts from the forum and many will be people having problems with the game and offering suggestions.  This is normal for an Alpha test in case you did not know.  The reason the game is in Alpha test stage at the moment is so that all the bugs and issues and be fixed before the public get to see the game.  So don't read this and think that FFXIV is going to be bugged and broken.  It will not, because these guys and girls are testing it so Square-Enix can give us all the best experience later this year.

With that in mind, here is the kind of thing the testers have gone through:


  1. A lot of the things they're complaining about seem to be things they just haven't added yet, and not really bugs. Velhart in particular, who requested that the appearance of headgear be an option, sounded particularly whiney... Interesting to see the inner workings of the alpha test though. :]

  2. I'm glad you liked it. I have quite a bit I can upload in this sort of area.
    But I just got some new videos today, and there is one that shows mining and its fucking amazing!

    I'll probably do an update over the weekend, at the latest Monday with the video in.
    My Internet is going to be busy for quite a few hours though, I have about 1gig of new footage to transfer from 'the source'!

  3. This is really interesting!
    I think it'd be cool, if you plan on uploading more of these that is, if you made a link off to the side of the site that has collections (these types of feedback screens, a collection of all your videos, screenshots, etc)

    Either way keep up the good work :D I really appreciate it~

  4. Very interesting screens, good to see this side of things!