Thursday, 13 May 2010

£50 to the man who brings me the Jellyfish!

Hey everyone, I have a brand new video for you all today of our friend Riko Delorian fighting a jellyfish type creature.  In this video you will see a few more of the different types of moves that are avaiable to the archer class.
Also while I am here I want to tell you about the video vault that I have made on the forum.  You can access it it here:
And it contains links to every video that has been posted on this blog.  Also if you have not yet joined the forum, give it a go!


  1. Great video, definitely the best one so far for some basic solo play. I'm loving the environment as well though, definitely the kind of place you could spend a while exploring.

  2. Nice display of a weaponskill-ish move as well. Shame the testers have/had so much lag.