Monday, 28 June 2010

Final Fantasy XIV - Alpha / βeta Comparison video

Today we have a video that shows the difference between the Alpha and βeta builds of FFXIV.  In the video you'll notice that the βeta version has better lighting and greater distance texture blending, plus distance bluring has been added to give the feeling of how far away features in the distance are.

You'll also see a the speed difference between the Alpha & βeta fights.  I'm sure you'll all like the improvements made, and I have taken a couple of screen shots has well as posted the video here.

The screen shot above shows the improved lighting in the βeta version.

The screen shot above shows the greater textures in the βeta version.

The two screen shots above show the distance bluring that has been added to the βeta version.

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  1. This is random and off-topic but does anybody know exactly how the loot system works? I read a leaked alpha manual that said something interesting but everyone tells me to disregard that. Any details? Anybody?