Saturday, 13 March 2010

Final Fantasy XIV website update!

The NA FFXIV website has been updated with brand new screen shots and information about the disciplines. Again we'll have to wait a few days before the European site is updated. Why they can't do both at the same time is a bit strange but you can go there now to check out the new information. Final Fantasy XIV NA Site

Also for those lucky people that already have beta keys, they already have access to the Beta test site. You need to log in with youe SE site details to view it, but you can always take a log at the log in page here: FFXIV EU Beta Test Site

Also Eorzeapedia done a translation of a Famitsu feature with the latest FFXIV information. Although the same information is pretty much on the FFXIV NA site, Eorzeapedia has comments from the creators and have listed it rather nicely. Check that out here: Eorzeapedia class Information

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